Thaiesse B.,

14 yrs.

Charlotte, NC

"Hello my name is Thaiesse Blackmoore and Worship to Live has had a big impact on my life. Before, I had a terrible mouth and bad attitude.  I always got in trouble.  When I attend my first conference in 2015 I gave my life to Christ.  Now I am doing much better and making A's in school.  I also am now being trained at my local church to be the dance leader.  I will continue to attend WTL to be refreshed." 

D'Anthony Sheppard

18 yrs. 

W. Palm Beach, FL 

Being a black boy with Autism is not easy. All the social issues and violence can easily paint a picture of how things are going to look in 10 years. Everytime I came to church I was depressed. I never really wanted to go to church, but I knew it was important that I go. When The WTL Conference came to our church, it gave me an all new experience with God. I met new friends, learn more about God, and I learned how to pray. Worship To Live not only changed my life but it taught me that church is my life.

Bible Church of God

Host Church

Okeechobee, FL

"Worship to live conference has imensley enhanced and strengthened the unity of our Youth Ministry.  The knowledge it imparts has empowered the leaders to be better mentors. They now are more involved in congregational worship and other Ministries.  They look forward to this conference as it helps them stay strong in the face of many challenges.  Our youth are now going out into the community and bringing unchurched youth into the house of God. We have hosted this event yearly and will continue to use the services that are provided by this wonderful organization. We sincerely thank you for obeying God's voice." 

Reena Gray

26 yrs.

Port St. Lucie, FL

Jacarada, I first want to thank you so much for being obedient and answering the calling.  I've seen pictures, videos, etc. and I told myself I would NOT miss WTL17. Thank God I didn't!  My definition of "Worship to live", means we first have to have a relationship with God in order to live.  What's life without God ??? We can defeat the enemy when we are able to Worship God in any situation.  Growing up my mom did drugs and I had to live with different people (teachers and friends).  They took advantage of me and it allowed me to grow bitter.  I began to shut everyone out. I didn't trust anyone (I still really don't), but I'm working on it. I felt lonely, so I would sleep with people and I'd made plans to get pregnant recently.  I wanted a baby. I felt like that would complete me . The devil would tell me to drink and I've never taken a drink in my life. I started having the biggest attitude at church and I almost stopped going.  Since Worship to Live, I've become willing to change and wait on God. The one memory that is sticking with me was watching those babies cry out to God! I was embarrassed to do that! I felt like someone would judge me, but now I'm willing to cry out to my God! I'm free now!  WTL allowed me to think and evaluate myself. Truth is, God has been so GOOD to me. I know I'm special and He has something special just for me. I Love you sooo much.  You encouraged me to find myself in God and understand who I am.