What is the meaning of Worship To Live

Worship to Live was established as, what I thought would be, a one-time event. There had been a few execution style murders that were taking place in my hometown when I received a few phone calls from some young people and their voices were filled with fear. They were afraid to walk to school and to be away from their families. I did what I knew to do and that was to pray with them. My heart what aching. I was over 500 miles away and couldn't embrace them. After prayer God gave me this conference idea and it had to be created and ready to be presented in less than three months. I could not believe the turnout and success. Souls were saved. Sponsorship begin to pour in because of the children's response to the peace and joy WTL had given them. They felt safe and fear was defeated. Everything happened very quickly and the organization evolved into what it is today. We are compelled to take WTL where ever it's needed, because of the lasting impact it has had on lives. Although we began as a religious activity, we are now expanding to cater to all walks of life. It is our duty to show everyone the love of Jesus. We show them that church is fun and they can be active and make a difference in their place of Worship. Youth are needed in our churches. They are are present and future!

There are many activities that go on during the course of the week or day. Day sessions include, but are not limited to: Prayer, Music Lab (Choir Rehearsals), Bible Devotion, Expressions through Dance, Song Writing Class, Life Skills, Public Speaking, and discovering their Purpose & Calling. There are so many young people waiting for the next trend, only to follow, and we are determined to impact lives and give them the chance to follow Jesus Christ. We all worship something, but some of our idols lead to death or false hope. We teach that the true way to live life with an abundance of joy, love, peace, and lasting prosperity is through worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is then you will understand who you really are and what power you posses as His child! We WORSHIP GOD in order to LIVE!

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